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First post of 2017 and it is the end of April. What do I actually expect from myself regarding an online journal? I don't even write in my actual paper journal, don't even know where it is.


Maybe it's time to start things fresh and use this journal for more than just reading fanfics on different livejournal sites.  I don't even do that much anymore so time to find a new better use for this journal.

Step 1:  Change the look of the journal

Step 2:  Likes
            -delete livejournal groups I never visit
            -what is relevant in my life now
            -new groups

Step 3:  Enjoy!

2 Years

Wow. It's been over 2 years since I posted to this journal.  Kinda forgot about it.  And it's not like anybody comes to my journal anyway.  Use it mostly for posting to fandom sites.


I like to save stories that I've read and really enjoyed on my computer. It's fun to go back and reread them, some of them many times, and enjoy the stories once more. There are so many different authors that I've read throughout the years, so good, some not so good, but many greats.


I know it's already 12 days in but Happy New Year!!!

This year i've decided that I'm going to make changes in my life. I want to try new things, gain new experiences and go on adventures. I want to see things I've never seen before, and do things that are wild and crazy.

I've also quite neglected this journal. I've used this page more to be able to see other pages than anything else. And after some negative experiences with different groups and people in livejournal (both harassment and trolling), I've let them kinda scare me away from joining groups or posting. I've decided I'm not going to let these people affect my life. After all, who the hell are they to try and stop me or scare me away from joing groups or discussions.

So I'm going to try and post more to my journal, and join discussions where I want to join. Maybe I'll even join some memes, and post some fanfiction again.

First I've got to revamp my journal. New look, new style, and clean up some of the clutter.

Happy 2014 to me. :)

December 1st

Only 24 more days until Christmas!!!
Happy Birthday Loki! Aka Tom Hiddleston!

A Little Late But...

Goodbye 2012 and Hello 2013!!!


And summer is over for another year.



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